Industrial sector

We manufacture and overhaul hydraulic units, engine generators for industrial plants, directional valves, servo-valves, proportional control valves and servoactuators.

Mobile industry

Maintenance and repair service on hydraulic control-units for harvesting systems, concrete mixers, forklifts, asphalt pavers, self-propelled sprayers...

Marine sector

Overhaul in the marine field for steering systems and winches

Recycling machines

We provide routine and extraordinary maintenance, on place and at our customer, on waste processing machines, where Kolben has over twenty years experience in repairing different waste processing machines

Railway sector

We are specialized in the hydraulic systems fo the railway industry, we deal with components as axial piston motors for rail equipments and hydraulic pumps, open or closed loop


We provide repair and maintenance service in amusement field, in particular on motion hydraulic systems of carousels and mobile devices