Repairing and selling pumps and motors Commercial Hydraulics

Commercial Hydraulics was integrated by the Parker group making it part of one of the largest families in the plumbing industry. Before to this acquisition, Commercial had established itself as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hydraulic pumps, gear hydraulic motors, hydraulic piston pumps, hydraulic flow dividers and hydraulic valves

Pumps Commercial Hydraulics, motors Commercial Hydraulics and flow dividers Commercial Hydraulics are still made with the same strict standards of Parker.

The Commercial Hydraulics products are:

  • Fixed displacement pumps series SNP: SNP1NN, SNP2NN, SNP3NN and SNP4NN.
  • Fixed displacement pumps series P: P30/31, P50/51, P75/76, P315, P330, P350 e P365.
  • Fixed high performance pumps: F12.
  • Vane pumps at cingulate or multistage shape.
  • Series 45 and 90 closed circuit pumps.
Pump Commercial Serie PGV-PGM-315
Pump Commercial Serie P-PGP-PGM-30
Pump Commercial Serie P-PGP-PGM-50
Pump Commercial Serie P-PGP-PGM-075
Pump Commercial Serie PGV-PGM-330