Repairing and selling pumps and motors SAI

The  SAI  motors are distinguished in the Market as characterized by:
· Oscillating cylinder
· Retaining rings for piston
· Rotating with axial distribution
· Interchangeable distributors

The future of SAI is represented by dual and variable displacement engines, extremely compact wheel units that include gearbox and brake as well as new projects in continuous development.
The solutions offered by  SAI are aimed at ensuring maximum efficiency, reliability, and energy savings.
The extreme versatility of the SAI product allows an easier adaptability to the most specific requests of customers, which for almost fifty years has always been able to count on a brand of high quality and international prestige.

Radial Piston Hydraulic Motor SAI BD1 - Double Displacement Motor
Radial Piston Hydraulic Motor SAI BD2 - Double Displacement Motor