Hydrostatic specialists

Poclain Hydraulics is a Company with a strong culture of innovation.

Since its official foundation in 1976, its high-qualified staff has been involved in development and marketing of some of the most technologically advanced transmission systems today present on the market, becoming Poclain Hydraulics brand leader and trendsetter in mobile field.

The main products we deal with are:

  • Motors (MS, MK, MG, MV, ML, MZ, MP, MD, MA, MF, CDM, M/MV)
  • Pumps (P90, PM, PL, ecc..)
  • Valves (VDP, VMA, ecc..)
  • Electronics

MS motors features are:         

  • Low noise
  • Rotating shaft
  • High radial load
  • Steady torque and high efficiency
  • Instant reversibility
  • Hydrostatic braking
Multipurpose motor MSE18 from 2812 cc up
Multipurpose motor MS08 from 1248 cc up
Pumps P90 from 55 to 250 cc
High power motor MA88 from 10400 cc
Double flange motor MD11 from 1259 cc
Compact motor MKD04 from 408 to 5624 cc
Chain drive motor MLE06 from 842 cc
Anti-slipping valve VMA from 450 bar