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Linde Hydraulics is a leading partner for plant engineering and construction worldwide.

Its global success is built on its extensive process engineering expertise in the planning, project development and construction of turnkey industrial plants..

Linde Hydraulics, a Division of Linde Group, is an engineering Company worldwide present,

In addition the Company executes turnkey projects based on licensed technology and provides engineering, procurement and manufacturing services.



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The main services by Kolben are: 

  • Repair and sales of pumps Linde: 
  1. Pump Linde HPR 210-02 
  2. Pump Linde HPR 135 D-02 
  3. Pump Linde HPR 210 +210 D-02 
  4. Pump Linde HPR 160 D-01 
  5. Pump Linde HPR 160-01 
  6. Pump Linde HPV 75 
  7. Pump Linde HPV 105 
  8. Pump Linde BPR 260 
  9. Pump Linde BPR 186 
  • Repair and sales of motor Linde: 
  1. Engine Linde HMV-02 variable displacement: Motor Linde HMV-02-55 engine Linde HMV-02-75 engine Linde HMV-02-105 engine Linde HMV-02-135 engine Linde HMV-02-165 engine Linde HMV-02-210 engine Linde HMV-02-280 
  2. Linde motor HMR-02 variable displacement: Linde motor HMR-02-55 Linde motor HMR-02-75 Linde motor HMR-02-105 engine Linde HMR-02-135, Linde motor HMR-02-165 engine Linde HMR-02-210 motor HMR-Linde 02-280 
  3. Engine Linde HMF-02 variable displacement: Motor Linde HMF-02-28 engine Linde HMF-02-35 engine Linde HMF-02-50 engine Linde HMF-02-75 engine Linde HMF-02-105 engine Linde HMF-02-135
Repair and sales of motor Linde HMV-02. Motor Linde HMV-02 datasheet.
Repair and sales of pump Linde HPR-02. Pump Linde HPR-02 datasheet.
Repair and sales of pump Linde HPV-02. Pump Linde HPV-02 datasheet.
Repair and sales of motor Linde HMF-02 / HMA-02. Motor Linde HMF-02 datasheet.
Repair and sales of motor Linde CMV. Motor Linde CMV datasheet.